Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Design a Day: Day 4

Here is a quick little design I threw together tonight, it does need improving and I will definitely do some more work on it. But I just felt like creating something cute so here it is...

What I learnt today was how to use the path finder for a pattern- just by creating a compound path. 
Enjoy xx

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Design a Day: Day 5

I was in a little hurry today so I just played around with some geometric shapes and just got a bit creative adding some colour. I didn't really look at a tutorial for this one. Hope you enjoy...
Izzy xx

Design a Day:Day 3

 I was searching for a tutorial to make a nice background and this caught my eye straight away it was so pretty! I was also so excited to find how easy it was. I also learn a few photoshop skills making the background. 
I found this photo on Pinterest that worked perfectly.

I added a Gaussian blur and an overlay of a pattern i created in illustrator, played around with the blending mode then added a grain. Once i finished the background, I added a quote from my friend that she asked me to do up after seeing yesterdays design. It turned out really well and she loves it! 

Izzy xx